Our Mission Statement:

Provide members with reliable funding to support housing finance, affordable housing and community investment, and assist with their balance sheet management.

Our Vision Statement:

Be a vital partner helping members achieve business success and enhance communities.

Our Core Values:

In our work, FHLB Cincinnati's employees hold one another accountable to highest levels of integrity, honesty and ethical behavior. The following Core Values are critical to ensuring the Mission and Vision of the FHLB are achieved while guiding employees to make the best possible decisions as they go about their daily work.


We provide liquidity to our members who rely upon us and trust we will always be there when needed and honor our commitments to our members and to each other. We solve problems with smart, efficient solutions that are not overly risky for FHLB Cincinnati or its members. We recognize the environment of our members is fraught with risk and we provide a stable, reliable source of capital.

Customer Focused

We value all customers including internal such as co-workers across FHLB Cincinnati and external such as members and business partners. We treat our customers with respect, honesty and integrity and will always try to exceed their expectations. Every touch is an opportunity to anticipate and support customer needs.


We seek to build positive relationships with each other throughout FHLB Cincinnati, across departments and with members. We value the unique perspectives and contributions of employees and members and encourage meaningful dialogue. We trust each other to communicate openly, be accountable for words and actions and be respectful of differing views. We connect with each other to learn about and appreciate our differences, recognizing that these differences make us a stronger, more resilient organization.

Change Oriented

We embrace change and the opportunities it may bring. We foster an atmosphere of openness and encourage ideas and innovation. We strive to move forward quickly but thoughtfully as our external environment is in a constant state of change. We stand ready to adapt to the competitive landscape that FHLB Cincinnati and our members face.

Results Driven

We recognize the importance of positive outcomes and are mindful of the risks as we pursue their achievement. We commit to achieving results – from financial results to improving a process along the way – by applying purposeful, analytical methods. We are transparent in our process to encourage better input, feedback and outcomes while diligently examining details to ensure accuracy and overall quality. We foster an environment of trust, collaboration and respectful challenge to reach the best outcomes at an appropriate level of risk.