We provide our member financial institutions with same day access to liquidity and term finance. We make fully secured loans, called Advances, in maturities from one day to 30 years with flexible terms and at competitive interest rates.

Depository institutions typically rely on attracting customer deposits in their local market to fund their balance sheet. At times, it can be difficult to attract the desired amount and maturity of deposits it needs. FHLB Advances can be an effective and economic way to help members in this effort.

Advances are available in a variety of structures and terms, allowing members to tailor its mix of liabilities to address its liquidity and asset/liability management strategies. Applying for an Advance is fast and easy. Funds are deposited directly into the member’s FHLB demand account.

Our members collateralize their Advance activity primarily with residential mortgage loans and government and agency securities. But, we also allow certain other assets to be pledged as collateral. Members must hold FHLB stock as a percent of its Advance balances as prescribed in our Capital Plan.

FHLB offers a wide assortment of Advance programs that can be used in a variety of ways.

Which Advances are right for you?


Use of Funding
Funding Adjustable Rate Mortgages, Other Adjustable Rate Assets

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