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THE AFFORDABLE HOUSING PROGRAM (AHP) is our largest and most impactful initiative – more than $566 million disbursed since 1990 to create more than 57,000 affordable housing units. AHP can be used to fund both ownership and rental projects. Grants are awarded on a competitive basis in one offering each year. Applications are typically accepted between June and August, with awards in November.

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Affordable Housing Program resources

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  • AHP Retention Requirements [PDF]
  • Income Eligibility Guide [PDF]
  • Income and Affordability Workbook [EXCEL]
  • Certification of Zero Income [PDF]
  • Modification Request Form [WORD]
  • Sponsor Commitment Verification Form [PDF]
  • HUD MTSP Median Income Limits
  • Habitat Disbursement Online Request Form [PDF]
  • Habitat Disbursement Manual [PDF]
  • Habitat Development Budget [EXCEL]
  • Ownership Disbursement Online Request Form [PDF]
  • Ownership Disbursement Manual [PDF]
  • Ownership Development Budget [EXCEL]
  • Owner-occupied Rehab Disbursement Online Request Form [PDF]
  • Owner-occupied Rehab Disbursement Manual [PDF]
  • Owner-occupied Rehab Development Budget [EXCEL]
  • Pre-approval Online Request Form [PDF]
  • Pre-approval Manual [PDF]
  • Pre-Rehabilitation Inspection Form [PDF]
  • Post-Rehabilitation Inspection Form [PDF]
  • Early Disbursement Request Form [PDF]
  • Early Disbursement Manual [PDF]
  • Rental Disbursement Request Form [PDF]
  • Rental Disbursement Manual [PDF]
  • Rental Development Budget [EXCEL]
  • Tax Credit Rental Disbursement Request Form [PDF]
  • Tax Credit Rental Disbursement Manual [PDF]
  • Online Disbursement Submission Manual [PDF]
  • 2020 Ownership Pre-Approvals [PDF | WEBINAR]
  • 2020 Navigating the New OASYS System & Sponsor Registration [PDF | WEBINAR]
  • 2020 Members Only: OASYS and the New AHP Application [PDF | WEBINAR]
  • AHP 2020 Overview and Threshold Requirements [PDF | WEBINAR]
  • AHP 2020 Scoring and Required Documents [PDF | WEBINAR]
  • AHP 2020 Financial Feasibility [PDF | WEBINAR]
  • AHP For Recently Awarded Projects [PDF | WEBINAR]
  • Habitat Disbursements [PDF | WEBINAR]
  • Disbursements for Rental Projects - Attachments and Financials [PDF | WEBINAR]
  • Disbursement for Rental Projects - Documentation [PDF | WEBINAR]
  • Ownership Disbursements [PDF | WEBINAR]
  • Owner-occupied Rehab Disbursements [PDF | WEBINAR]
  • Disbursements for Tax Credit Projects - Documentation [PDF | WEBINAR]
  • Early Disbursements for Rental Projects [PDF | WEBINAR]
  • Periodic Monitoring Prior to Project Completion for Ownership & Rental Projects [PDF | WEBINAR]
  • Initial and Long-term Monitoring [PDF | WEBINAR]
  • AHP Information Sessions [PDF]