Correspondent Services

We provide our members with a variety of correspondent services that assist with their back office operations and investment decisions.

Deposit Accounts

All member financial transactions flow through its interest-bearing Demand Deposit Account (DDA). Members also may maintain balances in their Overnight Deposit Account, Federal Funds Deposit Account, Mortgage Custodial Account, and Term Deposit Accounts. These accounts vary by maturity, interest rate, and deadlines. Members can move funds into and out of these accounts through the FHLB wire transfer service.

Securities Safekeeping/Pledge

We provide members with market information, trade execution, and management reports of the purchase and sale of securities.

Members may pledge individual securities held in safekeeping to third party depositor. Securities held in safekeeping may also be assigned, depending on eligibility, as collateral for FHLB Cincinnati Advances. In addition Overnight Deposits and Term Deposits may be used for pledging.

Settlement Service

Members may designate the FHLB as their settlement agent for transactions with the Federal Reserve Bank.

To learn more about our Correspondent Services, contact the department at 800-582-1890.

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