Analytical reports

The Focus and Pulse Reports are available to FHLB Cincinnati Members as a service free of charge. The FOCUS and PULSE Reports illustrate the member’s financial performance and balance sheet characteristics with a selected peer group of other Fifth District members. The reports use tables and graphs to illustrate various performance and balance sheet metrics benchmarked to a peer group using quarterly call report data. The member can customize its peer group based on a number of qualifications such as asset size, geographic market, ROA, ROE, charter type and other metrics.

Members will commonly request these reports when planning for both ALCO and meetings of the board of directors to assist in benchmarking the member’s performance. These reports can serve as valuable self-assessment tools and aide in the development of financial and marketing strategies. The FOCUS and PULSE Reports are available via email upon request and are frequently discussed by FHLB Relationship Managers with member’s staff and directors.

The FHLB Cincinnati analytics team also gathers various market data and economic indicators, compiling both interest rate and economic summary reports. These reports benchmark FHLB Cincinnati advance rates to various market rates, and compare economic metrics in each of the District’s states to national averages. In addition, the analytics team also regularly produces “white papers” which focus on issues or trends of interest to our members. These reports and papers are available to members through the Members Only website or via email from the member’s Relationship Managers. These reports are available to members through the Members Only website or via email from the member’s Relationship Managers.

Funding analyses

The FHLB also provides members with a variety of Excel-based analyses for evaluating the impact of potential balance sheet funding and growth strategies:

  • Capital Allocation Model: illustrates borrowing and cash deployment strategies in a static interest rate environment, along with the associated impact on net income and performance ratios.
  • Loan Funding Model: a deeper-dive look at using Advances to fund loan growth. Users can specify rate movement and prepayment scenarios under which they can evaluate cash flows and pro-forma financial performance ratios for a variety of balance sheet growth strategies using FHLB Advances.
  • Deposit Models: interactive analyses that break down aspects of funding with customer deposits. Marginal Cost of Deposits helps to determine the true cost of “new” deposits, while Retaining Customer Deposits illustrates the potential cost of paying higher rates to maintain current customers. Finally, the Core Deposits analysis graphically shows changes in account balances and rates for various deposit products and associated correlation rates.

These analytical tools are available through the Members Only website, via email from your Relationship Manager, or by contacting the Marketing Department at 877-935-3452.