This is only a brief overview of the Carol M. Peterson Housing Fund program. Complete details, limits, requirements, definitions, and guidelines are contained in the 2023 CMPHF Guide.

What is the Carol M. Peterson Housing Fund?

Through the Carol M. Peterson Housing Fund (CMPHF), the FHLB provides grants up to $7,500 per homeowner to fund accessibility and emergency repairs for low-income special needs and elderly homeowners. The fund is named in honor of the former FHLB executive who spearheaded FHLB's affordable housing and community investment initiatives for more than two decades.

CMPHF funds will be available for reservation on a first-come, first-served homeowner-by-homeowner basis beginning on June 1, 2023, at 10:00 AM ET and will remain available until all funds have been reserved. The FHLB has reserved $1,500,000 for the 2023 offering. Additionally, a project is limited to $75,000 in total disbursements under the program. However, no one member may utilize more than 10 percent of the available funding.

Who can use CMPHF?

FHLB members may partner with qualified Sponsors (non-profit organizations) to assist special needs and elderly homeowners in the communities they serve by making their home more accessible and safe.   

How do I apply?

Information for Homeowners

Homeowners must apply with one of our member institutions.  Click here to search our Member Directory.

Members may reserve funds via the Carol M. Peterson Housing Fund link through the FHLB’s Members Only portal by submitting an online Reservation Request with supporting documentation. Instructions for accessing Members Only may be found here under Program Documents and Forms.

Additional information and technical Assistance

For more information or assistance, please contact the Housing & Community Investment Department at (888) 345-2246 or email us at

For FHLB's Members Only assistance, please contact our Service Desk at (800) 781-3090.

Carol M. Peterson Housing Fund Resources

  • CMPHF Program Guide [PDF]
  • Certification of Income Eligibility with Instructions [PDF]
  • Certification of Special Needs or Elderly [PDF]
  • Example Sources and Uses when work is completed by a Contractor [PDF]
  • Example Sources & Uses when work is completed by a Sponsor [PDF]
  • Instructions for Accessing Members Only
  • Income Limits [PDF]
  • Pre-Rehabilitation Inspection Form [PDF]
  • Post-Rehabilitation Inspection Form [PDF]
  • Sample Release and Satisfaction [PDF]
  • Sources & Uses (Attachment A and Labor Breakdown) [EXCEL]
  • Sponsor Capacity Form [PDF]
  • Subsidy Recapture Procedures
  • Information for Homeowners [PDF]
  • 2022 Carol M. Peterson Housing Fund Webinar [PDF | WEBINAR]