Cumberland River RHOAR Center Breaks Ground

Located in Middlesboro, Ky, the Cumberland River RHOAR (Recovery, Hope, Opportunity and Resiliency) Center will provide long-term housing for pregnant and parenting women recovering from substance abuse. FHLB Cincinnati is proud to support the initiative through a $1 million Affordable Housing Program grant awarded to FHLB member The Cecilian Bank and project sponsor Cumberland River Behavioral Health.

Cumberland River Behavioral Health, a nonprofit community health center, will operate the 52-unit center. Over 100 individuals will have access to a wide range of physical and mental health services to aide their treatment. All services are confidential and payment is based on the ability to pay.

With the goal of taking women from “crisis to career,” the center will go beyond recovery from substance abuse by providing education, employment and community reintegration services. The Southeastern Kentucky Community and Technology College will offer vocational training and workforce rehabilitation. For women who want to enter the workforce directly, opportunities will be available thanks to a partnership with Southeast Kentucky Rehabilitation Industries. These unique services help residents rebuild their lives and lessen the chance of relapse.

The facility is expected to open toward the end of 2023. Read more about the RHOAR Center.​