Bank of Tennessee and Appalachia Service Project Receive Community Partnership Award

FHLB Cincinnati's inaugural Community Partnership Awards recognized Appalachia Service Project and Bank of Tennessee for their work helping individuals rebuild after natural disasters. 

“Congratulations to Bank of Tennessee and ASP on their Community Partnership Award,” said Andy Howell, President and CEO of FHLB Cincinnati. “We are excited to see the work they accomplish and the lives they continue to impact together in Central Appalachia and beyond.”

The Community Partnership Awards offer $5,000 grants to FHLB members in support of organizations and nonprofits they work with in their local areas that address key focus areas such as affordable housing, economic development, education and wellness.

Bank of Tennessee nominated ASP and their New Build Program, which serves families who have found themselves victims of natural disasters and whose homes are well beyond repair.

It’s a program that’s dependent on support – both financial and volunteer – to succeed.

For nearly a decade, Bank of Tennessee has answered that call for support.

“ASP and Bank of Tennessee have a similar desire to serve our community and we value helping those who sometimes don’t feel like anyone is willing or able to help them,” said Stephen Dixon, Bank of Tennessee, Senior Vice President, Community Development Officer. “That’s kind of who we are and there are a lot of similarities in our willingness to help our neighbors.”

Uniquely, ASP’s New Build Program provides newly built homes debt-free to families, allowing them to have safe, decent housing without a financial burden.

“Our partnership with Bank of Tennessee is local empowerment and impact. It enables us to get volunteers out to worksites and make a tangible difference as well as having an impact on safe and affordable housing,” said Melisa Miller, ASP, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.

Together, the partnership has netted nearly 115 newly constructed homes in Tennessee, many of which help serve low-income, and many of which are funded in part through FHLB Cincinnati’s housing programs.

“When I think of affordable housing, FHLB is top of mind,” said Dixon. “We have found very successful FHLB programs we’ve been able to work with over the years and help build funds in the area, benefit our community and maintain and create affordable housing. Any time there’s an opportunity for us to work together, we want to try and do that.”

Through the Affordable Housing Program and other FHLB housing programs, financial institutions like Bank of Tennessee can continue to support local organizations and make an impact on their communities.

“We are thankful for FHLB and Bank of Tennessee for being a piece of a larger solution that’s happening,” said Miller. “It takes all of these pieces to move mountains and that’s what we’re trying to do here.”