The Federal Home Loan Bank of Cincinnati (FHLB) requires Members to submit their Reservation and Funding Requests via the FHLB’s secure Members Only website. This process allows information to be received and reviewed more quickly.

Each Member participating in the Welcome Home Program, Carol M. Peterson Housing Fund, or Disaster Reconstruction Program will need to ensure that their designated contacts have access to Members Only.

The following instructions outline how to grant an employee access to Members Only.

Step 1: Designate a Members Only administrator

Each Member designates a person to be their Members Only administrator (the Administrator). The Administrator is the FHLB’s primary contact on any Members Only-related issues (i.e. adding or deleting a user, changing a user’s permissions, etc.).  Note:  This is not the same as being the program contact.

If someone at your institution currently has access to Members Only, then your institution has already designated an employee as the Administrator. If your institution does not have an Administrator, then you will need to designate someone as the Administrator by having an authorized individual (i.e., anyone listed on your FHLB Resolution for Advances) complete the Members Only Access Authorization Form [Begin DocuSign]. 

If you are not sure if your institution has access to Members Only or do not know who your Administrator is, please contact the FHLB’s Service Desk at (800) 781-3090.

Step 2: Grant users access to Members Only

In order to grant an employee access to the Members Only website, please have your Administrator complete the Members Only Access Authorization Form [Begin DocuSign].

In completing the form, the Member has several options. Check only the first box (Grant User Account Access for the Member's Home Office DDA) under User Access Rights to grant an employee general access to Members Only, but not Member proprietary information. Check all other boxes that apply to grant an employee access to Members Only and to reports containing privileged information such as Advance and capital stock balances. Again, if you do not want the user to have access to privileged information, please only check the first box.

Step 3: Select the program

To submit your Reservation and Funding Requests, simply choose the appropriate program and follow the on screen instructions.

Should you have any questions, please contact Housing and Community Investment at (888) 345-2246.