Cash Management Advance

A source of overnight liquidity to address day-to-day cash needs:

  • Serves as no-cost liquidity insurance for unanticipated daily cash needs
  • Enables the institution to hold less liquidity
  • Priced to compete with Federal (Fed) Funds


Fixed Rate, 2 to 30 days; Variable Rate, 1 to 90 days
Fixed Rate: Remains fixed for entire term to maturity Variable Rate: Subject to daily rate adjustments
Interest is Paid
Monthly (or at maturity if maturity < 30 days)
Principal is Paid
At maturity
Principal Prepayment Policy
Fixed Rate: Not Prepayable Variable Rate: Prepayable at any time without prepayment fee
Submission of Application
A Cash Management Advance (CMA) application is required every 12 months
Fixed rate CMA Advances are generally not prepayable. After disbursement date, Variable rate CMA Advances may be prepaid at any time without a fee.

To learn more about our Advance products, contact Jeff Berryman or Lisa Wishart at 800-828-4191.

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