Cash Management Advance

A source of overnight liquidity to address day-to-day cash needs:

  • Serves as no-cost liquidity insurance for unanticipated daily cash needs
  • Enables the institution to hold less liquidity
  • Priced to compete with Federal (Fed) Funds


Fixed Rate, 2 to 30 days 
Variable Rate, 1 to 90 days
Fixed Rate: Remains fixed for entire term to maturity
Variable Rate: Subject to daily rate adjustments
Interest is Paid
Monthly. Interest is accrued on an actual/360-day basis.
Principal is Paid
At maturity
Principal Prepayment Policy
Fixed Rate: Not Prepayable
Variable Rate: Prepayable at any time without prepayment fee
Submission of Application
A Cash Management Advance (CMA) application is required every 12 months
Fixed rate CMA Advances are generally not prepayable.
Variable rate CMA Advances may be prepaid at any time without a fee but only after the disbursement date.

To learn more about our Advance products, contact Jeff Berryman or Lisa Wishart at 800-828-4191.

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