FHLB Team Helps Build Habitat Home in Columbus

August 14, 2015

A group of FHLB employees spent August 14 in Columbus, Ohio, to help build a house with AHP sponsor Habitat for Humanity MidOhio for first-time homeowner Stephanie Green and her three children.

Congresswoman Joyce Beatty of Ohio’s 3rd District visited the site and participated in an afternoon program to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the FHLB’s Affordable Housing Program. “Homeownership is the cornerstone of our communities for how it stabilizes, and children can play out front and point out ‘This is my home.’ Today is all about housing partnerships, and to the volunteers who have done some work today, we applaud a job well done.” said Rep. Beatty.

Arlington Bank and Habitat MidOhio partnered to receive a $350,000 AHP grant toward the construction of 20 Habitat homes.