Carol M. Peterson Housing Fund

The 2019 Carol M. Peterson Housing Fund is closed. Please contact the Housing and Community Investment Department at 888-345-2246 with any questions.

This is only a brief overview of the Carol M. Peterson Housing Fund program. Complete details, limits, requirements, definitions, and guidelines are contained in the 2019 CMPHF Guide.

Program Documents and Forms


What is the Carol M. Peterson Housing Fund?

Through the Carol M. Peterson Housing Fund (CMPHF), the FHLB provides grants up to $7,500 per homeowner to fund accessibility and emergency repairs for low-income special needs and elderly homeowners. The fund is named in honor of the former FHLB executive who spearheaded FHLB's affordable housing and community investment initiatives for more than two decades.

CMPHF funds will be available for reservation on a first-come, first-served homeowner-by-homeowner basis beginning on June 3, 2019, at 10:00 AM ET and will remain available until all funds have been reserved. The FHLB has reserved $2,000,000 for the 2019 offering. Additionally, a project is limited to $75,000 in total disbursements under the program. However, no one member may utilize more than 10 percent of the available funding.

For purposes of this program, accessibility rehabilitation includes: installing grab bars and handrails, widening doors, altering cabinets, replacing fixtures, etc. Emergency repairs are considered immediate repairs to an essential system that enables the homeowner to continue to reside in the home. Eligible repairs include: repairing roofs, electrical systems, plumbing systems, septic systems, heating and air systems and structural repairs to floors or walls.

The program is not meant to be a comprehensive homeowner rehabilitation program. For funding assistance with comprehensive homeowner rehabilitation, please reference the FHLB’s Affordable Housing Program.

Who Can Use CMPHF?

FHLB Members may partner with qualified Sponsors (non-profit organizations) to assist special needs and elderly homeowners in the communities they serve by making their home more accessible and safe.   

What are the Program Requirements?

In order to qualify for a CMPHF grant, the household must meet all of the following requirements:

  • Special needs or elderly (60 years of age or older). The FHLB’s definition of special needs may be found in Attachment E of the AHP Implementation Plan or the CMPHF Program Guide;
  • Household income at or below 60 percent of the area median income based on the Mortgage Revenue Bond income limits established by the state housing finance agencies and utilized in their first-time homebuyer programs;
  • The applicant must have an ownership interest in the property to be repaired;
  • Must be a single-family detached home or qualified manufactured home;
  • Must be located within Kentucky, Ohio, or Tennessee; and,
  • Must be used as the homeowner’s primary residence.

How Do I Apply?

Information for Homeowners

Reserving CMPHF
Homeowners must apply with one of our Member institutions.  Click here to search our Member Directory.

Members may reserve funds via the Carol M. Peterson Housing Fund link through the FHLB’s Members Only portal by submitting an online Reservation Request with supporting documentation. Instructions for accessing Members Only may be found here.

The FHLB will perform a preliminary review of the Reservation Request and the documentation submitted to determine eligibility of the homeowner, availability of funds in the program, and availability of funds for the Member. If any of the information is incomplete, additional documentation or information may be required. Submission of a Reservation Request does not constitute an approval of funds.  Funds are reserved only upon written notification of approval from the FHLB.

Please allow two weeks for the FHLB to review the Reservation Request and supporting documentation.

Disbursing CMPHF
CMPHF funds will be disbursed only after completion of all work and upon submission of a Funding Request by the Member. Members may submit a Funding Request with supporting documentation via the Carol M. Peterson Housing Fund link on the FHLB’s Members Only portal. Submission of a Funding Request is not an approval of funds disbursement. Once the Funding Request has been reviewed and approved, funds will be disbursed to the Member. The Member is responsible for disbursing the funds to the Sponsor.

In the event the FHLB determines that funds were used for an ineligible expense, the grant will be reduced by the amount of the ineligible expense unless another funding source covered the expense. Under no circumstances will the CMPHF funds be disbursed directly to the homeowner.

Please allow two weeks for the FHLB to review the Funding Request and supporting documentation.


Additional Information and Technical Assistance

For more information or assistance, please contact the Housing & Community Investment Department at (513) 852-7680 or toll-free (888) 345-2246 or email us at

For FHLB's Members Only assistance, please contact our Service Desk at (800) 781-3090.