AHP comment deadline extended

The FHLB’s regulator extended the AHP proposed rule comment deadline to June 12, from May 14. In addition, the Federal Housing Finance Agency corrected an error in one of the calculation formulas for designating certain prescribed program outcomes. This supplementary information is posted to the FHLB’s website, along with links to the AHP proposed rule and related resources provided to you in a NewsLines/HCI Update dated April 23, 2018.

The FHLB believes the Proposed Rule, while well-intentioned, increases program complexity and reduces regional flexibility through a more prescriptive, less responsive program. We encourage our members and our affordable housing partners to review the Proposed Rule and submit comments to the Federal Housing Finance Agency.

The Finance Agency is looking for responses to 41 specific questions, as presented in the Proposed Rule. For your letter to have the greatest impact, address your comments to one or more of those questions. You'll find those questions linked below.

For additional information or questions, please contact Damon Allen at 888-345-2246 or allendv@fhlbcin.com.

Download the proposed regulation (PDF) and the recent correction

41 questions to be answered

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Tips on filing a comment:

  • Direct your comments to one or more of the 41 questions. Reference the question number in your comment. This does not preclude additional comments not covered by those 41 questions.

  • Use examples from your organization's work to illustrate the impact of the proposed rule.

  • When submitting a comment, you can type directly into the form provided on the Finance Agency's website. Or, you can produce the comment letter on your letterhead and upload it as a PDF file.

  • Send a copy of your comments to your members of Congress.